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We were told that it would never work, but it did and it will continue to. People love sports and it’s a way of beating your enemy by showing off your skills and talents.

Young men that have been warring (against each other) on the streets would turn up to play football but having elders in the area (parental figures) would defuse the language and the attitudes, all these young people wanted to do was show the elders that they were past it which would start a friendly rivalry.

We played mixed Netball and Football, this cover ages from 15 – 50+ male and females, began at 9.30pm – 2am every Friday.

Chayah Sports has qualified sports coaches both male and female for football and Netball.

We have also entered sports days in other cities. Taking part in Athletics and did very well.

Knowing that young people find the late nights early morning period a time when boredom sets in we would like to make links with other cities and form a midnight league so that young people can form friendships and experience life away from the normal. The local police in our area as also said that they have noticed that they have had fewer youths on the streets during the hours that we have our sessions. Our only regret is that we are unable to transport most of them home due to lack of vehicles.

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