How we plan to achieve our objectives is as important as the objectives themselves! One of our main methods will be an 8-12 week intensive course that is AQA accredited based on the participants attendance and contribution. This will be conducted through:

  • Workshops/sessions
    • Qualified speakers
    • Educational games and tools
    • Evaluation forms
    • Handouts
    • Research/literature
    • Presentations in the forms of dramas/plays/role-playing and music
    • Feedback
    • Seminars
    • Interactive discussions and debates
    • Personal Journals
    • Media
    • Self reflection
    • Personal coaching

As mentioned above, Chayah Development Project will be running an accredited 8-12 week course covering a wide range of topics. Participants are required to attend all the sessions to receive their qualification. This will be a first step in their journey as they develop into who they aspire to be.

If you need help and/or support

If you need help and/or support on the many different issues that can affect young people please contact us at:


Tel: 0115 9241 244
alternatively you can email us on:

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Chayah Project
Chayah Men
Chayah Sports


Chayah Development Project
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Tel: 0115 9241 244

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